4. *NSYNC: Get To The Show

Marky Mark's marketing team wasn't the first, nor was it the last to make every effort to capitalize on free-flowing teenybopper love. This Game Boy Color (Nintendo's solution to Game Gear) offering starring the fivesome that put Justin Timberlake on the map wasn't even the craziest *NSYNC product to hit the market, but it certainly was shameless.

Those who couldn't get close to the boy band in real life could at least feel the thrill of a computerized JT telling them in so many words, "You're our number one fan, and that's why we're giving you the keys to our limo! We're really psyched to have you with us."

Considering the devotion of some of those fans, we can only imagine how many girls took that warm welcome a little too literally. It was probably never more difficult to Get To The Show than in the wake of this game's release.