Street Fighter X Tekken's co-op multiplayer mode, by which two players team up on one system to take on another pair of players online, is conspicuously absent from the game's Xbox 360 version. Tomoaki Ayano, the game's assistant producer, took to the Capcom Unity blog yesterday to reveal why.

"Throughout the development process, there are times when new features are added (and we added a lot of them!)," he wrote, "and there are also times where we have to make tough decisions regarding things to cut. This was one of those times. This mode is supported in the PlayStation 3 version, however, since we tackled that earlier and found the architecture of their system to be more conducive to implementing it."

He didn't mention whether the feature could ever be patched in, although he did hint at "some information regarding new updates" that should be coming soon. Did you notice the mode's absence? Were you planning on playing co-op online? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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