Don't call it a comeback just yet, Lindsay Lohan has been pulling the "I'm better now, I promise" act for years. But, admittedly, her appearance on the "Today" show did seem to communicate the possibility that the fallen starlet may finally turn a new leaf.

In the most candid interview Lindsay's gave in years, she revealed to Matt Lauer that she only recently had her wake-up call only came recently, and realized she had "lost sight" of her career goals. Ya think?

"I think I was being a bit ignorant toward the fact that maybe I should not go out all the time," Linday said. "Maybe I should rest, maybe I should start to grow up and take care of myself."

Lindsay does seem more introspective than usual, and we'd really like to see Linday's hosting gig on SNL launch her comeback, but after years of broken promises, we're not getting out hopes up.

[via Today]