Meet 33-year-old Angelic Cisneros.

Earlier this week, she blew up the bathroom (literally) in her fiancé's Ingleside Heights apartment whilst cooking drugs. That's not the type of incident you can cover up, so police caught up with her and arrested her for five felonies, including possession of marijuana. She's also facing two counts of child endangerment because a 12-year-old boy was injured as well.

Authorities are remaining tight-lipped about which drug she was cooking, but certain publications believe it was hash. In addition to two pending felony charges stemming from a 2010 weed-related incident, the San Francisco Examiner exposed more of her sordid past. Apparently, the medical marijuana patient tried to start a ""Cannabis Farmers Market" at a bar near AT & T Park in San Francisco.

It's mostly likely a wrap for her.

[via SFist]

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