Back in 1996, the Coen Brothers' dark crime comedy Fargo rocked the film community, earning seven Academy Award nominations and eventually winning two: Best Orginal Screenplay going to the siblings and Best Actress in a Leading Role going to Frances McDormand. The film also put the town of Fargo, North Dakota, on the map.

Though it made the town famous, Mayor Dennis Walaker is not a fan of the film. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Walaker explained that he doesn't like black humor, and more:

I hated the movie. It certainly put us on the map, that and Johnny Carson always talking about Fargo and how it's a cold place. But any publicity is somewhat good.

Walaker did admit that the movie triggered a tourism boom, but was lightning-quick to note that none of it was actually filmed in North Dakota (the bulk was shot in Minnesota). Still, the town retained the wood chipper made famous by this scene.

[via BuzzFeed]

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