9. Shame (2011)

Unless your crew consists of a few cinema buffs, Steve McQueen's Shame can be a tough sell:

"Well, uh, it's about this sex addict. And then Carey Mulligan, she's his little sister, she moves into his apartment. And there's a nude scene. Yeah, but don't worry, it's not like they hook up or anything."

Truthfully, Shame is a terrifically acted, expertly shot movie, but one you'll want to keep towards the bottom of your list of flicks to help set the mood. While a movie about sex addiction might seem like a perfect pick to help plant some kinky ideas in your date's head for the return home, it's more likely the only images you'll be able to retain will be Brandon Sullivan's gritty moments of desperation that send him into the waiting arms (and orifices) of prostitutes, random dudes at sex clubs, and more.