Some parting pointers

A few last things to keep in mind:

  • We glossed over this before, but never send or request nude pictures.
  • Don't try to pick her up on LinkedIn. This is a networking site for your career, not for your penis.
  • Don't show up where she is because she checked in there on Foursquare. Never do this.
  • Correct grammar, syntax, and a general knowledge of the English language go a long way.
  • We resent even having to mention this, but don't attempt any of the aforementioned techniques if you have a girlfriend or a wife. Besides turning prospective women off, it will also get you into trouble faster than Coldplay's first album.
  • Don't assume that just because she's talking to you, she's flirting. Women possess the unique ability to be friendly without being interested in you sexually.
  • Never poke a girl you're interested in on Facebook. In fact, pretend the poke function doesn't even exist. Would shoving your index finger into a girl's hip in real life work as flirtation? No. It would be considered mildly annoying, or assault if you're lucky.

Gentleman, good luck navigating the very-tangled web! We hope our advice lands you exactly where you want to be: offline, and in-person with the woman of your (Internet) dreams.