9. Fighting Vipers

First Release: Fighting Vipers (1995, Arcade/Sega Saturn)
Last Release: Fighting Vipers 2 (2001, Dreamcast)

Virtua Fighter has gotten more than enough love, while Fighting Vipers hasn't gotten any. This fighting game featured some armor wearing badasses with plenty of time to kill. Our favorite feature of the game? Ending the last battle by epically knocking someone out of the caged arena.

Now we're ready to score some cage knockouts once more with another sequel. We imagine the game looking real perty in HD with the play and feel of modern Virtua Fighter. We'd like to see some more punk rockers and skateboard thrashers added to the mix, too. Tag team gameplay? Why not?

One more thing: Keep the whole “armor comes off the more you get beat up” mechanic. Real-time damage with today's graphics? Effin' incredible.

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