Cocktail Lounges and Speakeasies

Where the girls go: Little Branch (22 7th Ave. S); Employees Only (510 Hudson St.); Death & Company (433 East 6th St.); PDT (113 St. Marks Place); Clover Club (210 Smith St.)

If the menu offers a colorful cocktail with five or more ingredients, you're in the right place. While you might prefer a beer when you're out with friends, women often like to congregate over complicated, toothache-inducing cocktails with 4 word names like "The Sparkling Orange Blossom." If there is a mixologist on premises, or you can find the words "champagne floater" on the menu, a pack of pretty girls will be there too.

How to approach her: With a real martini in hand, admit to her that her drink actually looks pretty damn good..."but don't tell anybody I said that."