Alright, so we want to put the word out about Jim Saotome, who's making the Skylanders action figures more...capable of action. But that doesn't matter much if you don't care about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures. In short, it's a game that uses a gimmick of action figures to draw attention to it. However, a more accurate description is that it's a game with a unique mechanic that adds to an existing framework of an enjoyable and accessible experience.  

Obviously a big part of that experience is those little plastic figures that the game uses. And they're nice, made of solid stuff, and they're great counterparts of their digital, in-game versions.

However, they don't move. At all. Unless you do what Jim Saotome does. Then they take on a whole new level of awesome. Saotome explains that the joints are pulled from old Star Wars figures, and whatever else he has around. And the modded figures can be put back on their bases, no harm done.

But seriously, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures is a really cool game, and if you can appreciate good game design, then it might just be worth your time.