Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' October 5th, 2011, passing caused an entire nation to mourn, but he'll be remembered indefinitely for the ways he changed the means in which we socialize, do business, and go about our everyday lives. But those who wish they only could've gotten to know him, or at least spend some time in the same room with the technological genius, may now have a second chance, thanks to toy company In Icons, which recently gave the Internet its first glimpses of their Steve Jobs action figure.

The verdict: The thing is so realistic and detailed, from its dad jeans to its meticulously-carved beard, that you'd half expect the visionary's miniature doppelganger to turn around and wink at you, or start spouting inspirational quotes. And the late Mr. Jobs isn't alone. Almost as long as there have been movie stars and music legends, there have been pocket-sized plastic versions to immortalize them, and ultimately end up locked away in owners' attics for being too disturbing.

Today, we raise our glasses to them. Sleep with one eye open: as we present The 10 Creepiest Celebrity Toys.

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Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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