Unlike earlier DiRTs, Showdown’s races aren’t point-to-point contests where the best cumulative time crowns the winner. Instead, its races have you running multiple laps in hopes of coming in first. They’re still off-road, of course — complete with all the jumps, muddy patches, and uneven terrain you’d expect — but instead of racing against the clock, you’re racing against other drivers.

Adding to the adrenaline inducement is that some of the tracks are figure eights or clover shaped, which means you have to watch out for cross traffic when you come to intersection. Well, unless you like being smashed from the side.

That said, there’s more to this than just racing against other drivers. There are four different kinds of events, including an “Elimination” one where the slowest driver on a lap is removed from the race. In fact, when you add in the six other kinds of events (which we’ll get to in a moment), it turns out that Showdown has more game modes in than any previous DiRT