The 911 call placed during Demi Moore's epileptic seizure has been obtained by TMZ.

It's a little sketchy to listen to at first— certain things have been edited out due to privacy concerns— but what occurs afterward is downright scary.

"Is she awake?" the dispatcher asks.

"Semi-conscious, barely," the first voice on the call, a woman, replies.

"Is she breathing?" asks the dispatcher.

"Barely," says the woman. "She's convulsing. She smoked something... but it was accidental."

"Help is on the way," the dispatcher reassures her, before the phone is passed to another woman.

"She's burning up," says the second woman. "She's convulsing so we're holding her down."

The phone is finally passed to another unidentified person, a man.

"She's much calmer," he says. "Now she's breathing fine. She's not convulsing. She's leaning up and started talking quiet."

Listen HERE.