What happens when strippers from Miami's King of Diamonds cross paths with MSNBC's "Morning Joe"? Brilliance, captured on camera.

Joe Scarbourough's political program was in South Beachyesterday morning, and two talented ladies on KOD's roster mobbed the set as the program filmed at Jerry's Deli around 6 a.m.. Tip Drill and Skrawberry were joined by BurgerBillionz (and his bottle of Moet), who's most likely more than an auxiliary homie to both of them.

MSNBC's Lauren Skowronski tweeted the picture you see above of Tip Drill and Billionz posing with Politico's Mike Allen, and around 7 a.m., Tip Drill announcedthat the show's producers lovedher, Skrawberry, and Billionz. Apparently, the trio had quite the night, partying with Trey Songz and Baltimore Ravens lineman and YMCMB-affiliate Bryant McKinnie at Liv (last photo). The Morning Joe accountwould later tell Billionz that he made the blog thanks to Allen (third photo).

Politics and stripping are a similar flip, so we appreciate any moment when both hustles meet.

[via Miami New Times]

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