It’s no secret that Fox’s first stab at the Fantastic Four franchise didn’t exactly go over well with fans or critics, so now Variety is reporting that the studio is on the verge of rebooting the series, and it is looking at 26-year-old John Trank to direct.

Apparently the studio is very high on Trank’s debut film, Chronicle, which hasn’t even opened yet, and if that movie succeeds, the job is all but his. However, with the movie opening on Superbowl weekend, it will be tough for Chronicle to edge-out the pigskin competition. In the meantime, Fox is waiting for Michael Green, the writer of the Green Lantern movie, to turn in his latest draft of the movie's script. So far, no details are known about the plot of the movie, which could potentially be another origin story.

While Fox has butchered comic book movies like X-Men 3 and Daredevil in the past, the studio’s recent success with Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men: First Class has seemingly signaled a new direction for the company. We’ll see how this situation works out after the box office receipts for Chronicle begin to roll in.

[via Variety]