What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand - that is, apparently, unless you're Jeremy Renner. The actor and his friends were attacked at a bar in Phuket, a brawl that ended with Renner's friend, the general manager of the Siri Panwa Resort Vorasit Issara, with seriously life-threatening stab wounds.

According to TMZ, the fight started when Issara dropped a glass on the floor of the bar around 4:30 AM. Six men who worked at the bar went crazy on Renner and his party, stabbing Issara in the neck with a homemade rotor axe and in the stomach with a knife. Apparently, Issara had been in an argument with the staff before the attack occured.

Renner didn't sustain any injuries from the attack, and, according to his rep, he left the bar when the fight broke out. The actor is currently in the area shooting yet another film from the Bourne franchise.

[via TMZ]

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