Dark Souls players may soon get yet another reason to continue playing (as if we needed one), as EGM reports that the game could be getting some DLC within the next few months. Their anonymous source claims the expansion is currently being finished up, despite designer Hidetaka Miyazaki's previous claim to Game Informer that he "wanted to create a complete package of the game without adding any DLC."

Maybe Dark Souls did a little better than they anticipated, because despite Miyazaki's intentions, EGM's source claims the expansion is "in the process of being finished up." They also point out that From Software filed a trademark late last year for "Yami no Mori", which can be translated as "Forest of Darkness" or "Dark Forest". Either would be a badass name for a new area to get repeatedly slaughtered in.

Would you buy Dark Souls DLC despite Miyazaki's claims that the game is a "complete package" already? What would you like to see in the expansion? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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