Address: 2115 Kelly St. Hayward, Calif.
Website: n/a

Val's offers the ultimate old-school diner feel: neon lights, small booths, and a constant stream of loyal customers lining up for Val's respectable burgers, onion rings, and shakes.

With three burger sizes—papa, mama, and baby—to choose from, you can eat there whether you're beefing up or trying to shed some pounds. I chose the mama, a 1/2 lb. burger, and ordered it medium rare. Adding an order of the crunchy onion rings topped off the fresh and juicy burger. The only downside is you have pay for some of the sides: cheese (0.35 cents), tomato (0.25 cents) or bacon (0.75 cents). Other than that, Val's serves up a solid burger.

Val's: a hidden gem in Hayward.