Andriasang reports the jolly good news that Ace Attorney 5, a continuation of the Phoenix Wright series, is officially in development over at Capcom. The announcement was made during an event earlier today celebrating the series' tenth anniversary. But besides the logo, above, nothing else was revealed.

They also announced Ace Attorney 123HD for iOS and Android, which will combine the first three games in the series with remastered graphics. You can buy them all individually, and the first two chapters of each will be free. Additional chapter packs will be 600 yen (about $7.50) and the full games will be 1200 (about $15). Luckily, anyone who's already shelled out for the first Phoenix Wright on iOS will be able to upgrade to the HD art for free.

Given the series' popularity here, we have plenty of reason to hope these announcements apply to the US as well, though we'll be getting them later than Japan. What do you want to see in the next Ace Attorney game? What platforms would you like it on? 3DS? How about a leap to XBLA or PSN? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.