The Death of the Mac Pro

Source(s): AppleInsider
Likelihood: Low  

Unless you’re heavy in the graphics field, there's very little reason to throw down thousands on a uber-powerful workstation like the Mac Pro. Hence the recent speculation of Apple eliminating its Mac Pro line in 2012. AppleInsider cites anonymous sources saying “the decline in sales of the workstations” have left the tower-based machines in limbo. And since the new all-in-one iMacs are equipped with the latest tech (Intel Core processors, Thunderbolt ports, FaceTime HD camera) and much less expensive, it may be time to drastically cut back production. However, despite now being less known as a company that caters to professionals, Apple built its name on the idea of creative professionals using its machines to create. We can't see the discontinuation of its most high-powered offering boding well with the Mac faithful.