Game: Art of Fighting
Genre: Fighting
Year: 1992
Biters: Vice (King of Fighters 96), Rose (Street Fighter Alpha), Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur), C. Viper (Street Fighter 4)

Complex Says: Players didn’t know that King from Art of Fighting was a girl. Job well done from SNK. That was their plan. The skilled players that KO’d King with a special move got some fan service as her shirt ripped open. That is what makes King a trendsetter. No, not for her clothes being destroyed by a Hadouken ripoff. What's significant is that King is a female character that did not try to rip off Chun-Li’s look. Instead she created her dress clothes look that was copied by several characters. She threw on clothes fit for a party and that Vice and Mature from King of Fighters copied, as well as Rose from the SF series. Characters like C. Viper fought in slacks like King, and others copied the haircut.