There can only be one European actor who rules Hollywood, and this battle between Daniel Day-Lewis and Liam Neeson would finally decide a winner (sorry, Hugh Grant). Ever since Neeson’s character was killed by Day-Lewis early in Gangs Of New York, these two have been on a collision course for a big-time, climactic throw-down. And when Day-Lewis replaced Neeson as Honest Abe in Spielberg’s Lincoln, we knew this fight was just on the horizon.

Sure these two would try to diffuse the situation with some slick European charm and their boyish good looks, but before long the fists would begin to fly. And even though Day-Lewis has Neeson beaten in the age department, Neeson has a three-inch height advantage which would make it easier to rain blows upon Daniel’s head. In short: Liam Neeson can kick the ass of every carbon-based life form on the planet, actual or fictional.