Liam Neeson has proven himself capable of defeating terrorists, Nazis, and vicious wolves, but can the towering lad from Dublin take down one of the greatest linguists of the gorilla world and greatest threats to humanity? Koko is an anomaly in the ape world because she has seemingly mastered sign language, which is nearly unheard of.

We all know that when provoked, apes can become extremely aggressive, and despite Koko’s docile nature, she can easily fly off the handle at any time. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes opened our eyes  to how easily a group of primates can take over Earth, and we realized that our only line of defense against a militant gorilla fluent in sign language is Liam Neeson. If he can battle a pack of wolves with his bare hands in The Grey, he should have no problem making a middle-aged ape scream "Uncle" in sign language.