7. The Crucible (a.k.a Silenced)

Director: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Centered on a dirty secret that’s been uncovered after years of silence, The Crucible (titled Dogani in Korean, after the 2005 novel/source material) primarily takes place inside a school for children with hearing disabilities that’s plagued by physically, mentally, and sexually abusive faculty members.

Gong Yoo plays a newly appointed art teacher who bribes his way into the teaching gig; soon into his tenure, he witnesses a student getting brutally beaten, and when he takes the deaf child to the hospital, a very disturbing truth is revealed. The movie’s final act is anchored by intense courtroom drama, with the protagonist fighting for justice in a corrupt legal facility that's influenced by the almighty dollar. The Crucible’s ruthless honesty is displayed without much filter. In Korea, the film served not only as a reminder of an ugly truth, but a wake-up call for lawmakers to act properly.