Over at Vidya Shorts user loldbz has just embarked on a no-sleep marathon of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and all the money he raises will go to Child's Play, the charity that donates video games to sick and bored kids in hospitals. To make it more interesting, he's set up a variety of milestones and challenges, all of which can be bought by donaters looking to get some lulz out of this.

For example, while loldbz's in the Goron Mines level, viewers can donate $25 to make him drink a shot of hot sauce. Or, for $30, he'll have to "train to be stronger for 30 minutes wearing one-ton iron training boots" in the game. At $1,000, his hacked Twilight Princess Link will gain the power of flight; at $2,000, he'll take five times as much damage; and at $9,999, he'll just play Super Paper Mario.

Head here and check out the list of challenges and milestones, and then head here to watch the stream in progress. Despite having spent over an hour so far just bidding on names for the main character and his horse, they've raised over $600. It's for a good cause, and it should be hilarious, so check it out and think about donating—watching him try to beat the entire game with only the wooden sword ($1400) should be well worth it.