Twitter today released a major update to its website, mobile site, and iPhone and Android apps. The redesign is one of the most drastic changes the microblogging service has undergone since its creation in 2006. The change will affect how users access their most important information, how they view trending topics and hashtags, and how they interact with other Twitter users. 

The new Twitter will center around three pages: 


Twitter has created a new section called "Home" which is where users will be able to view tweets from people or brands they follow. From the Home page you users will also be able to see Trending Topics, users they should follow, as well as the rest of the information most pertinent to their Twitter experience (number of followers, number of people they're following, number of tweets)


The "Connect" page is where users will now see who is speaking to them. Simply put, this is where users will get to view their mentions. This is also where you will see who your new followers and who has favorited any of your tweets. 


Depending on what Twitter deems are your interests and location, it will curate news stories and other content for you to view on the "Discover" page. This is also where you will search for, and view current popular hashtags.

Another important new redesign is the design of the actual Tweets. To help reign in the amount of videos and images that are tweeted, Twitter has rejiggered the tweet so you can see everything in one tweet. No more having to go to another page to see an image a user posted. 

With the redesign, Twitter made sure to make the experience idential regardless of the platform being used to access the service. This means the iOS app will be the same as the Android app which will be the same as the web app. Complete uniformity seems to be the company's goal. 

The new Twitter Android and iPhone apps are available now. You can download them here. 

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