Over the past year, you probably spent countless hours inside of an email client— be it for work, play or a combination of both. Wouldn't it be nice to know where all that time went? ToutApp, a company that specializes in email solutions, is offering a free web service that will help you do just that.

The company's Year In Review app will scan your Gmail account and present you with data on how many emails you handled in the past year, when your busiest time of the day was for email, how long on average you waited to respond to emails, which people you most frequently emailed with and more.

All of the data is presented in handsome infographic form and shared with you and you only. If you want, you can share your stats with friends. Due to overwhelming demand and the leg work of scanning thousands of emails, ToutApp is forecasting a wait time of several hours to get your personal report. When it's ready, the company will let you know—you guessed it— via email.

[via Mashable]