Doesn't the President have people to do things like this for him? According to CBS, Obama made surprise visits to Petsmart and Best Buy this morning to pick up chew toys for his dog and video games for his daughters. Maybe the secret service was busy doing his laundry.

The game in question? Just Dance 3. If we had been working at that Best Buy we would have told him to get Dance Central 2 instead, but at least the Just Dance developers can put "official dance game of the first family" on the cover of their next release.

The President could have easily bought the game online, so maybe his public purchase is telling of a shift in his opinions on gaming. He hasn't exactly been kind to games in the past; last June he urged fathers to make their kids "turn off the video games;" in a 2009 speech he said children need "to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside;" there are plenty more examples.

Regardless, we hope he wasn't planning on telling the girls that Santa got the game for them—it'd make for a shitty Christmas if they saw on the news that it was their dad all along.