FIFA Soccer

Genre: Soccer

Developer: EA Sports

Publisher: Electronic Arts

It's mildly disappointing that we won't have the classic launch triumverate since Madden isn't joining Ridge Racer and Dynasty Warriors this spring on the Vita. EA makes up for that lack of football with well, football.

FIFA Soccer ports over the latest PlayStation 3 version of FIFA and manages to preserve the majority of the console game’s features. The only notable omissions are the advanced online modes, but there’s still a wealth of multiplayer fun to be had with the basic online ranked matches, which will be globally accessible.

Where this Vita version stands out is in the touch functionality. Switching players on defense and offense is now touch-based; no more relying on A.I. to guess which player you want to control next. And you can literally “draw it like Beckham” during the free kicks as you’ll get to draw the path of the ball’s flight.

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