Unit 13

Genre: Tactical Shooter

Developer: Zipper Interactive

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

I wonder if Unit 13 is a sort of third-person shooter ‘dry-run’ for Sony so they can learn how to take full advantage of the Vita before making a proper SOCOM game. The tactical movements of the player in Unit 13 certainly feel like something out of the SOCOM universe.

Whatever the case, Unit 13 doesn’t screw around. Stealth assignments end if you’re spotted while some other missions turn off the ability to regenerate health over time. There’s less of an emphasis on story and more on actual missions, 36 to be exact. These can be played either solo or with a buddy. If you do have a partner, expect the game to grade you critically on how well you work together.

Depending on your play style, Unit 13 offers a selection of six types of operatives such as the infiltrator, commando and technician. All of them are upgradeable; the catch is that the game offers a lot of incentives to try out different characters. Many weapons can only be unlocked if you reach a specific level with a particular operative.