Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Genre: Golf

Developer: Clap Hanz

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Hot Shots golf series has been one of the unheralded constants among Sony’s first party franchises, going as far back as 1997 on the original PlayStation. It was a refreshingly accessible change of pace over the more simulation-like offerings at the time. That’s not to say that Hot Shots is a wholly dumbed down arcade style golf franchise. What the series does best is hone in on the essential and fun parts of the sport suited for a videogame, especially the part where you don’t have to devote five hours to a single round of golf.

This Vita installment continues to fine tune the franchise, even beyond the expected Vita touch functionality. It seems overdue, but now you can adjust the player’s position in the tee box for the very first time.

It’s been the best selling Vita game in Japan, which is one of the reasons why Sony’s has some ambitious plans for online competition. We’re talking about weekly golf tournaments for actual prizes among other kinds of competition, which we assume will be globally accessible as Vitas are made available outside Japan.