Sony has stated that musician and Crazy Hat Day afficionado Deadmau5 will be creating new music exclusively for Playstation Vita launch title Sound Shapes. 

Sony describes Sound Shapes as an "equal parts musical instrument and game."

The game is a 2D platformer where all of the players input creates music in the game. Aside from this, the player can actually create music with notes and samples collected in the game. Sound Shapes makes full use of the Playstation Vita's touch-screens, and also takes advantage of the systems online capabilities so that players can share their creations over the Playstation Network.

Both Sony and Deadmau5 realize that the methods for creating music in the game are so simliar to the process for creating electronic music, so Deadmau5 has utilized the in-game tools to create a selection of exclusive tracks for the single player campaign. Aside from this, Deadmau5's samples will be available for users to create new music and levels with them.

Sound Shapes is releasing in 2012, exclusively for the Playstation Vita.