Siliconera is claiming to have the first details on the as-yet unannounced Dead Rising 3 from an undisclosed source. Obviously, this is a recipe for misinformation, so take this with a grain of salt.

If these rumors do prove substantial, though, the game will be set in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, California and star an auto mechanic named Rick (that's supposedly concept art up top). Rick may not be the most confident guy, but he eventually devises a plan to fix up a plane and fly away from the city with a group of survivors before all the zombies are taken out with a huge bomb.

Since the game will be set in southern California, there may also be themes relating to illegal immigration and characters who are not registered citizens. Siliconera details one, Red, who leads a group of "illegals" and whose girlfriend is a zombie sympathizer. Another potential character is a biker who drives a mean hog with a steamroller on the front.

Phenotrans, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the Zombrex vaccine, will also play a central role, with Marion Mallon making a return and new character General Hemlock kidnapping an important leader in the game.

This sounds great, particularly the immigration themes—but we had assumed based on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, which redid DR2's original story and shoehorned in Frank West from the first game, that they'd stick with him for following titles in the series. We're also left wondering who'll head development on DR3 (which is, we remind you, unconfirmed) now that Keiji Inafune's left Capcom. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.