4. Give Dexter His Edge Back

Once upon a time, Dexter was a morally ambiguous character who was as unsettling as he was interesting, and his actions were often cast in a decidedly grey light. Then he became a doting suburban dad and he went from unsettling murderer to wacky, comical dad by day/serial killer by night. Simply put, we've gotten way too comfortable around a dude who routinely chops people up and dumps them in the ocean. The ambiguity is all but gone, and he's slowly going from antihero to just plain old hero, and that's not the show we signed up for.

Part of the blame is pitting him against antagonists that are too monstrous in their greater evil personas. It's hard to see Dex's own depravity reflected in two guys that want to end the world. We actually enjoyed the unfairly maligned fifth season, but let's be real: Dexter looked like an avenging angel when up against that year's horrific gang-rape brigade.

It's been a while since this show asked us if Dexter deserves to pay for his deeds. Having Deb finally catch Dexter in his murderous act should hopefully get us back to that core question.