2. Don't Drop The Ball With Deb

Speaking of audience manipulation, this whole Dexter and Deb reenact Clueless thing is an even bigger insult to our intelligence. We're not mad at the show for trying to tackle something as taboo as incest. Boardwalk Empire just pulled it off in fine form, and they did so by subtly dropping hints and building to it appropriately.

Yet, we have never ever, not once, gotten the inkling that Deb may have more than just sisterly love for her non-biological brother. What's that? They just thought of it this season, you say? OK, fine. Narrowing it down to just this season then, we still didn't see any evidence until it was forced down our throat. We're really hoping the familial, and now romantic, bond doesn't help the writers take the easy way out.

The show has been building to Deb learning about Dexter's serial killer hustle since day one, so read us loud and clear, producers: Deb cannot be cool with it by the end of, like, next season's premiere. Or decide to overlook his "dark passenger" just because she's in love with him.