On Friday night, it was rumored that an AK-47 was fired near the White House. That rumor quickly became fact when a loaded assault rifle and additional ammo were  found in an abandoned vehicle in the area. Though United States Park Police didn't initially believe the White House was a target, the Secret Service found two bullet holes, one of which cracked the window on the residential level where the Obama's live.

Authorities are still determining if the bullet holes are related to Friday's incident, but at least they have someone to question, as suspect Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested at a Hampton Inn in Indiana, Pennsylvania today. An arrest warrant was obtained for possession of a deadly weapon after Park Police identified him.

The 21-year-old Ortega-Hernandez was initially stopped by police in Arlington, Virginia on Friday for "circling the area." He's believed to have been living in the DC area, with connections to Idaho, where family reported him missing on Halloween. All police agencies have been advised to consider him "dangerous and unstable", but nobody let's off shots near the White House and gets too far.

[via WTOP]

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