It is no surprise that Russell Simmons enjoys giving back to the community, but his philanthrophic persona was put in check yesterday during an interview on Fox's Hannity. The Def Jam founder turned #OccupyWallStreet supporter was on the program to discuss the impact of the movement to a  not-so-sure Sean Hannity and ended up with egg on his face having to defend a comment lambasting the Fox host.

In the above clip, Russell champions the 99% movement against the corporatization of our American government, but immediately after Hannity chin-checks him for a soundbite which appeared on the Water Cooler Blog by The Washington Posts Kerry Picket. The radio interview, which also touched upon this summer's rapping controversy with Common, found Simmons arguing that someone like Snoop Dogg was "less racist, less sexist, less homophobic, and less gangsta" than Hannity.

Watch as the conservative talk show host not only turns the tables on the Global Grind ambassador by bringing up the subject, but even gets Simmons to apologize for those very statements.

[via Mediaite]