We think it's time for someone to read Texas governor Rick Perry his last rites. Why? Well, if you missed last night GOP debates, Mr. Death Penalty suffered another epic gaffe on live television. Thereby removing one of the legs beneath his already-wobbly presidential campaign, Perry lost control of his own destiny, and his awkward exchange with Ron Paul will forever live on in the memory of the Internets.

The Michigan audience watched as Perry couldn't remember the last agency he would cut from the federal government—instead choosing to name only two. "Commerce, Education, and the - what's the third one there? Let's see," Perry said before his rivals begun to volunteer answers like the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates pollution and is very unpopular with conservatives. Going blank on an answer after stammering for 43 seconds is not very presidential, Mr. Perry. Capping it with an "oops" only lets the American public see how mentally deficient Perry can be.

Mitt Romney may have finally knocked out the last of his competition, as Herman Cain continues to fight against allegations of sexual harassment, and Perry proves he has a short-term memory problem. Is it too early to count Bush's favorite Texan out for the GOP nomination? He does have a lot of money in the bank, which can keep him going and allow him the opportunity to right his ship. But is Perry riding on the Titanic or a conservative yacht? You be the judge.

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[via Politico]