With the race to the 2012 presidential elections giving the world all this comedy gold, you'd think that Saturday Night Live would have been added to Lawrence O'Donnell's comedy portion of his MSNBC show. Alas, there is no Kenan Thompson doing his best Herman Cain impersonation, as the game's best late night hosts add their comedy fodder to Mr. Black Walnut's current political woes.

If you haven't turned on the news lately, Cain is being accused of sexual harrassment not by one, not by two, not even by three—but four women. The fourth, who recently held a press conference, has called out the would-be second black president to admit his wrongdoings (and possibly pay her a large sum of hush money, too).

Not funny? We'll let the comedians stick to telling the jokes. Jimmy Fallon should write a thank you letter to Lawrence for putting him in this clip with that lukewarm punchline. Meanwhile Jay Leno must've kept a few Conan writers on deck with his youthfully clever "69-9-9" quip, but Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert prove why they're the best one-two punch after 8:00PM with two bits chock full of nuts. Yes, comedy nuts.

Watch the above clip and share with us your best Herman Cain joke and we may retweet it on our Twitter page!

[via The Last Word]