The Wicked Witch from Rotten Apple has reared her ugly head again. This time she's kicking her incendiary comments about conservative and liberal African-Americans on Joy Behar's Tuesday HLN show. Ann Coulter has been making the media rounds lately, defending Herman Cain from after he was roasted when allegations of sexual harassment against the GOP frontrunner were brought forth. 

If you've been too busy reading our 50 Most Ridiculous Facebook Status Fails, you missed Coulter slapping down the race card on Sean Hannity's show on Monday when, speaking about conservatives, she said that "our blacks are so much better than their blacks." Who forgot to let either side know that slavery was still going on in the good ole' U.S.A.? 

When she sauntered onto Behar's show, immediately she was confronted about her earlier comments, and Cold-Blooded Coulter stood by what she said. We'll let you witness the buffonery in the clip above, but if Coulter believes that Herman "Put Your Hands Where Your Eyes Can't See" Cain is a real threat to President Barack Obama then she hasn't heard all those jokes folks have been saying lately.

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