UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi offered a tearful apology yesterday for the use of pepper spray on peaceful student protesters last Friday. While admitting to ordering police to remove the protesters' tents, she said she had nothing to do with the decision to spray students with an agent damn near powerful enough to take out a bear. A crowd of 1,000 students and protesters responded to Katehi's remark that she doesn't "want to be the chancellor of the university we had on Friday" by calling for her resignation. They clearly weren't moved by the watery eyes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Katehi announced that campus Police Chief Annette Spicuzza had been placed on administrative leave in a last ditch attempt to put out the fire of pepper spray incident heard 'round the world. As you remember, the two police who got up close and personal with the MK-9 canisters were placed on paid leave.

[via SFist]

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