Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and his always wacked-out quotes are back. The 700 Club host was set straight yesterday on the subject of Thanksgiving comfort food by co-host Kristi Watts, after Robertson appeared confused about macaroni and cheese. In a segment in which Watts discussed Thanksgiving food with Condoleezza Rice, Robertson looked simply baffled on the show. 

What makes the clip above so interesting is that Robertson, completely clueless having not watched enough BET and Charlie Brown specials, turns to Watts and asked, "What is this mac and cheese? Is that a black thing?" Hill told the 81-year-old televangelist that, "It is a black thing. The world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese. Christmas and Thanksgiving — we have to have macaroni and cheese, and it trips me out that you don't."

Robertson, visibly laughing in the clip, replied by saying, "I really don't, I don't, and I have never." One thing that Robertson has never had is tact—the religious man recently said that divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer's disease is justifiable because the disease is "a kind of death."  Someone stuff this bird and put him in the oven.

[via Politico]