Now that Dubya's finally gone back under his drawbridge in Texas, it looks like his favorite sister has gone Hollywood, signing with the William Morris Agency the other day. And sure, she did it with an eye toward the lucrative lecture circuit and book writing, but we figure: if you've got the firepower, why not line up a few film remakes while you're at it?

A quick look at her bio shows that she's got more than enough life experience to draw on, so we put together a few suggestions for her on her quest for some Oscar gold to go with her yellow cake. Click on to see the can't-miss marketing campaigns for her starring roles...

• TAGLINE: "Two hawks. One harpy. Growing old is for the birds!"

• TAGLINE: "You'll never look at the Oval Office the same way again."

• TAGLINE: "The only weapon of mass destruction is the way her music melts your heart."

• TAGLINE: "A reverend's daughter. The pulsing taboo rhythms of international diplomacy. Please, Condoleez', pull us off of our knees."

• TAGLINE: She has a license to bore you with arcane Soviet history. But it's hot. We promise. C'mon, see it. Please?"