10. Nicole Eggert

Notable projects: Charles In Charge (TV series, 1987-1990), Baywatch (TV series, 1992-1994), Blown Away (1993)

It’s the Alyssa Milano syndrome: A button-cute teenage actress captures adolescent men’s hearts on a family-friendly sitcom, and then, years later, she matures into a late-night cable TV dimepiece. First catching roaming eyes as the cuter daughter on Charles In Charge, Nicole Eggert gave dudes’ heart palpitations a few calendars after Charles wrapped up in 1990 by donning the iconic red swimsuit on Baywatch. But it’s actually Eggert’s softcore oddity Blown Away that’s her most watchable effort, mainly because she’s naked a good amount of the time. Her bared assets more than make up for the presences of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, neither of whom have any business co-starring in a quasi-porno.

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