18. From A Buick 8 (Novel)

Original publication date: 2002

One of King’s least talked-about novels, the spellbinding From A Buick 8 is precisely the kind of story that Lost’s most passionately answer-seeking fans would hate with a burning passion. Because, when all’s said and done, there’s no explanation for what’s gone down, a sad fact that especially bewilders the characters themselves, who suspiciously crowd around the mysterious Buick that’s been left at a gas station by a man dressed in all black. Occasionally, flashes of purple light emanate from the vehicle, and there’s vegetation growing on it. And then people start disappearing.

From A Buick 8 is all about mankind’s obsession with having everything laid out in easily digestible servings, rather than leaving certain things alone and accepting that not all of life’s questions have answers. King never gives the Buick’s definite origins, or even a clear-cut reason for being; frankly, we’re thankful that he trusts his audience enough to let us draw our own conclusions.