Cali is active once again after two UC Davis campus police officers were placed on indefinite-yet paid-administrative leave today for using pepper spray on students. The decision was in response to a video that hit the internet, showing officers misting students huddled on the ground with pepper spray at point blank range on Friday. The video drew fury from viewers and students, who wanted UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi's head on a stick. A school spokeswoman said the two officers placed on leave were the only ones they were able to identify after examining the video.

In a statement released today, Katehi said that she had spoken with students and felt their anger. While she didn't criticize the police, she mentioned that she was organizing a task force consisting of students, faculty and staff to review the video and complete a report on the incident within 30 days.

UC Davis police claim that pepper spray was only used because students had boxed the officers in, but the school refuted that in a statement, saying that the "videos taken during Friday’s arrests showed that the two officers used pepper spray on peacefully seated students." The incident happened as police were trying to remove an overnight encampment of tents that were in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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