Michael Beasley is known more for his hairdos than his hoops I.Q. He wouldn’t pass to a wide-open LeBron on a fast break. And he hasn’t grabbed a rebound since, oh, high school. 

But about a month ago, the Timberwolves’ 6-10 youngster figured out something that all those brains at Visual Concepts somehow didn’t: Beasley’s 80 rating in NBA 2K12 was just a wee bit too high. Beasley fired out a tweet about it, everyone admired his humility, and the rest is history. 

Except it’s not, because it got me thinking of all the other out-of-place ratings in NBA 2K12. I know we’ll get an update when - make that if - the NBA season finally gets rolling. But just in case the season never comes back (gasp, it could happen, folks), Visual Concepts should heed Beasley - and Complex - and give us a pre-no-season ratings update. 

And it can start by re-rating these 25 guys.