With nothing but mystery surrounding J.J. Abrams' sequel to 2009's Star Trek, Variety has revealed another piece of enigmatic news that should keep die-hard Trekkies foaming at the mouth in anticipation. The site is reporting that Benicio Del Toro will most likely be offered the role as the villain of the movie, even though Abrams hasn't even told Del Toro who the character will be yet. This type of secrecy is typical of Abrams, who has become an expert at preventing vital plot information about his movies from getting leaked early.

Longtime fans of the franchise will inevitably begin to speculate on the identity of Abrams' mysterious villain after this bit of news. Del Toro is obviously a perfect choice to play the maniacal Khan Noonien Singh, who was played brilliantly by Ricardo Montalban in 1982's legendary Wrath of Khan. But Abrams has stated in the past that he will try to introduce new villains and stories into his Trek movies, so anything is possible at this point. 

Production is slated to start in early 2012 on the currently untitled Star Trek sequel, and fans could probably anticipate either a summer/fall 2013 release for the movie.  

[via Variety