La Colombe

Neighborhood: Tribeca
Address: 319 Church St.
Perfect For: Thinking long and hard. Also, staring at pretty women as a distraction.

The brick walls here are simply appointed, and the minimal decor has an aesthetic that's pleasing to a cluttered mind. This city moves fast and sometimes the synapses can't keep up. Thankfully La Colombe serves iced coffee that's cold enough to keep your thoughts crisp and strong enough (potent drip coffee with two shots of espresso to boot) to keep them clear.

Mull over life's conundrums (should you stay or go, make moves or lay low?) and make unabashed eye contact with women who are too pretty to house complicated thoughts like the ones that currently reside in your cluttered skull. 

Another positive for long think sessions? No Wi-Fi, no tangled technology webs to get caught in. Just you, your thoughts and a damn good, slow roasted cup. Colombe means dove, so let it all go just like that peaceful white bird. Wait, what? We might have went a little too heavy on the double drip...