Sony has a double dose of good news for gamers this morning; one of the announcements is good, and the other is even better. First off, Uncharted 3 has officially gone gold. The game is done, finished, ready to roll and off to the presses for public consumption. There is nothing short of a major natural disaster (knock on wood) that will prevent the game from launching on November 1, 2011.

That is the good news, the better news is that Uncharted 3 will contain early access vouchers for the upcoming multiplayer beta test of Starhawk. Sony is planning a public beta of the upcoming game in early 2012 but buying a retail copy of Uncharted 3 will get you a code to get early access to the beta program.

That seems like a nice bonus to us even though we aren’t sure that there was any more incentive needed to advertise Uncharted 3 other than the fact that it is, well, Uncharted 3.